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LiftoffAds Unity SDK

This repository describes the LiftoffAds Unity SDK technical integration for MoPub mediation, supporting iOS and Android apps. If you use ironSource mediation, follow ironSource's Liftoff Integration Guide.

For help configuring and testing ad units or setting up reporting, please contact your Liftoff POC.

For any other questions, please email


Latest Releases

Supported Devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android phones
  • Android tablets

Supported Ad Sizes

  • 320x480 (iPhone portrait interstitial)
  • 480x320 (iPhone landscape interstitial)
  • 768x1024 (iPad portrait interstitial)
  • 1024x768 (iPad landscape interstitial)
  • 320x50 (iPhone banner)
  • 728x90 (iPad banner)
  • 300x250 (medium rectangle)

Supported Ad Types

  • HTML and HTML video
  • VAST video
  • Rewarded

Development Requirements

The LiftoffAds Unity SDK relies on External Dependency Manager for Unity to pull in the required iOS/Android dependencies.

To integrate the LiftoffAds Unity SDK, you will need at minimum:

  • macOS 10.15.2 or later
  • XCode 11.4 or later
  • Unity 2018.4 or later
  • CocoaPods 1.10.0 or later
  • Android API >= 19


We currently support MoPub mediation for iOS/Android apps.

MoPub Mediation

LiftoffAds is a MoPub custom SDK network.

  1. Download the Liftoff MoPub Adapter SDK.
  2. Unzip and import the .unitypackage into your project.
  3. Initialize MoPub manually with Liftoff as a custom mediated network. Make sure to replace the placeholder ad unit ID and API key.
  4. When building for iOS, navigate to Build Settings and set Runpath Search Paths to @executable_path/Frameworks.

The following code samples may be used as reference for initializing the LiftoffAds SDK through MoPub. Adjust the logic as necessary to meet the requirements of your app.

Instructions for initializing and requesting ads through MoPub can be found in the MoPub documentation.

MoPub Custom SDK Network

The custom SDK network option must be selected via MoPub. Additional details can be found in the iOS docs and Android docs.

MoPub.InitializeSdk(new MoPub.SdkConfiguration
LogLevel = MoPub.LogLevel.Debug,
MediatedNetworks = new MoPubBase.MediatedNetwork[]
// Existing mediation networks ...
new MoPubBase.MediatedNetwork
AdapterConfigurationClassName = "LiftoffAdapterConfiguration",
AdapterConfigurationClassName = "com.mopub.mobileads.LiftoffAdapterConfiguration",
NetworkConfiguration = new Dictionary<string,string>
// Replace LIFTOFF_API_KEY with provided API key
{ "apiKey", LIFTOFF_API_KEY },

Test Ad Units

Use the following ad unit IDs to display a LiftoffAds test creative and verify successful integration.

Ad Unit IDSizeType
liftoff-banner-mrect-testBanner / MRECTVAST video, HTML video
liftoff-interstitial-video-testInterstitialVAST video
liftoff-interstitial-html-testInterstitialHTML video
liftoff-rewarded-video-testRewarded InterstitialVAST video


Reporting is available via programmatic API or scheduled emails. To receive scheduled email reports, contact your Liftoff POC with your desired recipient email addresses. By default, you will receive daily and monthly reports. The columns below are included; for further customization, contact your Liftoff POC.

  • Date
  • OS
  • Bundle
  • Ad Unit
  • Ad Unit ID
  • Country
  • Rewarded
  • Size
  • Requests
  • Fills
  • Fill Rate
  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Revenue
  • eCPM